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Our Favorite Funny Show Moments #TellAJokeDay

Happy National Tell a Joke Day! From smart puns to hilarious mishaps, today is a great day to joke around and have a good laugh.

If you’re looking to laugh, you’re in luck! We’re celebrating today by gathering some of the most hilarious moments found across our shows. Get ready to giggle as you watch the clips below!

Jokes with Yadina

When it comes to jokes, no one does it better than Yadina from Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum

She’s always ready to share a hilarious pun when the opportunity arises, even if Xavier and Brad don’t quite get it. This video rounds up some of her best jokes from the series, giving you a look at her comedy expertise. 

Karma's World Laughs

Karma’s World is full of hilarious antics! 

Whether it’s Key’s inventions going absolutely haywire or funny bloopers from Winston’s videos, there are plenty of laughs to be had. In this video, you’ll get to watch some of the most hilarious moments from seasons one and two featuring Karma and all her friends in Hansberry Heights. 

Wild Kratts Pranks

When the Wild Kratts aren’t off learning about creatures, they’ve been known to crack a joke or two, or even engage in a hilarious prank! This video captures some of the funniest moments to be found across their many wild adventures.

Let's Be Silly

One of the best ways to have a laugh is to simply get silly! In this compilation from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, you’ll get to see plenty of funny, playful moments that happen throughout the series. 

From running a make-believe silly restaurant with his little sister Margaret, to funny moments while playing pretend with friends, there are plenty of ways Daniel Tiger jokes around and has fun. Watch on and get ready to laugh!

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