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Learn How Cool Science Is with Ada Twist, Scientist!

When it comes to exploring the wonderful world of science there’s no better friend to do it with than Ada Twist, Scientist.

This Netflix series follows scientist Ada Twist and her best friends Rosie Revere, Engineer, and Iggy Peck, Architect, as they use science to solve problems and learn new things about their world.

The show Ada Twist, Scientist is based on the best-selling children’s books by author Andrea Beaty and illustrator David Roberts, developed with show producer Chris Nee (Vampirina, Ridley Jones, Doc McStuffins). It was created in partnership with Barrack and Michelle Obama’s Higher Ground Productions, with Kerri Grant acting as the showrunner, story editor, and co-executive producer.

Each episode of Ada Twist, Scientist follows Ada’s adventures as she encounters new problems and discoveries with her friends. As a young scientist, Ada knows there’s no problem that science can’t help her solve!

Together, this trio of friends asks scientific questions, form hypotheses, and load up the lab to test their theories and learn new things.

At the end of the episode, viewers get to hear from real-life scientists who break down concepts in an easy-to-understand way. Some incredibly smart people have appeared in these segments, like planetary scientist Raquel Nuno, desert botanist Naomi Fruja, and aerospace engineer Keji Sojobi who worked on the James Webb Space Telescope!

The goal of Ada Twist, Scientist is to show kids just how fun science can be, encouraging young minds to get curious about their world, ask more questions, and use science to find solutions.

If you’re interested in the world of science, you’ll enjoy our playlist Science is Everywhere! With Dr. Raven the Science Maven and Ada Twist. This playlist explores the wonderful world of science, with clips from Ada Twist, Scientist, as well as fun science lessons and experiments that you can try yourself at home:

But that’s not all! Below, we’ve gathered a playlist of some other Ada Twist, Scientist videos that showcase some of our favorite science experiments and learning moments from the series. Let's put on our safety goggles, and dive right in!

Wheel of Science!

In this video, we're spinning the wheel of science to meet some of Ada's amazing, real-life scientist friends!

This video rounds up many of the lessons they’ve shared throughout the series, with amazing facts from scientists, biologists, engineers, and more.

Garden Party Discovery

Why are the plants in Iggy’s garden brown and dry? In this clip, Ada, Iggy, and Rosie are on a mission to find out!

This Ada Twist moment is a great example of using scientific methods to find the answers to new questions. Watch as Ada, Iggy and Rosie form their own hypotheses, then head to the lab to do some tests to learn if they’re right together.

Wheel of Scientific Oopsies

Spin the wheel of scientific oopsies to see some different Ada Twist experiments and inventions that didn't go to plan.

Science can be messy, and there are often a few failures before you reach success. In this video, you’ll get to see some of the icky, sticky science moments Ada experiences while on the path to scientific discovery.

What Is That Smell?

What is the source of that terrible stink?

In this clip, Ada, Iggy, and Rosie are curious to learn how to make something stinky become scent-free, experimenting to figure it out. It’s a great example of great science concepts, like making observations, finding evidence, and running tests to prove your theories.

Wheel of Food Science!

Food is even more fun when science is involved! In this video, we’re spinning the wheel of food science to explore different food filled moments that happen on Ada Twist.

This video explores many different science-themed lessons, like how sound waves can make jello jiggle, or why measurements matter when it comes to baking.

Bird Watching with Ada and Mushu Kitty

The water from the bird feeder is missing! What could have caused it to dissapear?

In this clip, Ada, Iggy, and Rosie use scientific testing to figure it out! This clip is a great example of collecting scientific evidence, and how to use it when trying to prove why a hypothesis you have is right, or wrong.

If you want to watch even more Ada Twist, Scientist, you can stream full episodes on Netflix! Click here to watch.

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