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Meet our 2D Toon Boom Renderer Yasmin Dwiputri taking part in BBC Bitesize’s Schools Tour 2020!

This week several of our Manchester studio artists are being featured as guest panelists as part of BBC Bitesize's Schools Tour, reflecting on their career journey, discussing their current role and providing insight into career options for young students in secondary schools in the North West. The aim is to give an inside peek into the world of creative work and shine a light on routes into and opportunities within a sector that many students may not have considered.

We caught up with guest panelist and our 2D Toon Boom Renderer Yasmin Dwiputri for a little bitesize Q&A of our own!

2D Toon Boom Renderer Yasmin Dwiputri
2D Toon Boom Renderer Yasmin Dwiputri

How did you become a 2D Toon Boom Renderer? 

After finishing an animation course at Colaiste Dhulaigh in Dublin, I enrolled in a Toon Boom online training course to manifest my software skills and become more employable in the TV animation industry. My background is in experimental techniques such as Stop-Motion and Oil-On-Glass, so the TB course was a great opportunity to transfer my qualities to another medium. A sequence of events and encounters followed, which subsequently gave me the confidence to apply for entry level animation jobs. 

What does a 2D Toon Boom Renderer do? 

In the render department, we act as a bridge between animation and comp. Our job is to provide exports of all animated and rigged assets to the compositors. We ensure every character, prop and effect is rendered in the correct resolution and size to make it convenient for building the final shot in After Effects. Most importantly, we quality check the renders and make sure no arm goes missing or character suddenly turns blue. 

Yasmin on the BBC Bitesize panel alongside panellists Gavin Bannister (Sports Shoes), Saleh Bagas (Fashion Designer), and host Sarah Story (Capital FM)

What skills do you need to become a 2D Toon Boom Renderer? 

A love for fixing things: We check each render frame by frame, so an eye for details and consistency is essential for spotting errors. At the same time, you need to know how to prioritise and not get too hung up on one issue. In a studio full of skilled people, it’s very likely somebody knows an easy fix, so don’t be afraid to ask for help! With an open mind, you’ll learn a lot and be able to return those favours soon. 

What qualifications do you need to become a 2D Toon Boom Renderer? 

Aside from a Higher National Diploma in Animation, my CV didn’t offer a lot of work experience in the industry. I aimed to create a showreel that visually stood out and reflected my qualitiesan interest in different animation styles, high attention to detail… it was supposed to scream “I’m super motivated and can learn anything!”

When I was invited to an interview, I knew it meant a foot in the door and a chance to introduce myself. It’s the moment where a studio wants to see whether you can work in their team, so I gathered all my life experiences and turned them into something valuable for the company. 

2D Toon Boom Renderer Yasmin Dwiputri's Essential Items
2D Toon Boom Renderer Yasmin Dwiputri's Essential Items

What are your essential items?

FruitTo stop the cravings and get my vitamins. 

Water BottleTo stay hydrated. And a full bladder is also a good excuse to leave your desk for a few minutes. 

HandcreamBecause hammering on your keyboard is much more pleasant with silky smooth hands.

ScarfTo keep warm in winter and picnic outside in summer. 

A Card from my SisterHandwritten letters are my preferred way to keep in touch and receiving one is the best break from a busy day.

Headphones - To fill my ears with the perfect soundtrack that gets me through the day.

'Rolling Blackouts' by Sarah GliddenI don't leave the house without a book or graphic novel to read on my commute.

Diary & Pencil CaseBesides listing to-do's, I use the pages to offload what’s on my mind; whether it’s a sketch, song verse or little thought. By taking a moment and dedicating myself to whatever is distracting me, I can reflect on it and (hopefully) move on.

How did you know you wanted to work in animation?

In school, I used to be involved in the drama club. I loved drawing for our plays, making video clips and acting. One day my drama teacher asked me: Would you consider making animation? That's when lightning struck me.

What advice would you give to students considering entry into the animation industry?

My piece of advice is to look out for training courses run by industry professionals for industry professionals. After college, I did a Gesture Drawing evening course and Toon Boom training. It helped me expand my skillset and understand how to utilise these, as well as encounter talented people from all walks of life. Even if you're not a chatty person, you get to watch how they work and receive a more personalised feedback - it's a very humbling, and at the same time motivating experience.

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