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Meet our Lead Rigger Camila Kressin taking part in BBC Bitesize’s Schools Tour 2020!

This week several of our Manchester studio artists are being featured as guest panelists as part of BBC Bitesize's Schools Tour, reflecting on their career journey, discussing their current role and providing insight into career options for young students in secondary schools in the North West. The aim is to give an inside peek into the world of creative work and shine a light on routes into and opportunities within a sector that many students may not have considered.

We caught up with guest panelist and our Lead Rigger Camila Kressin for a little bitesize Q&A of our own!

Lead Rigger Camila Kressin
Lead Rigger Camila Kressin

Hey Camila, can you tell us a little bit about how you became a Lead Rigger?  

For 8 years I worked as 2D and 3D Animator. Working as an Animator, I would often have to help with the rigs.

In 2017, I decided to become a full time 2D Rigger. When I first started, I worked as a freelancer, after a few months I interviewed for a role as a Rigger for Brown Bag Films to work on Universals' new show Powerbirds. After working there for six months the position of Lead Rigger opened, I decided to apply because I felt ready for a new challenge. Just like an external candidate I had to interview for the role and complete a rigging test. 

What does your job involve? 

Rigging is the step before Animation, it’s pretty much building a skeleton for the props or characters. The Animators can then use it like a puppet.

As a Lead Rigger I am responsible for managing the rigging team. My job involves assigning tasks, approving rigs, as well as rigging the main characters and complex props. 

What skills do you need to do your job? 

It’s essential to have good communication skills. Teamwork is a big part of my role, as well as organisation and time management, I need to be aware of the deadlines and ensure that the episode packs are delivered on time.

My work is very detail orientated; I must be able to think under pressure while solving problems. Knowledge in animation, and interest in scripting can also help. 

Do you need specific qualifications to work in the rigging department?

We use Toon Boom Harmony; you need to have advanced knowledge of this software. You can find a few tutorials on YouTube, but the Toon Boom website has a learning page and forum that are useful. 

You will also need at least two years of experience working on an animated series.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

What I like most about my job are the challenges. Each rig is different from another, so we never get bored. There are always many ways to do a rig, so we need to find the best, simplest and most efficient solution.

Camila Kressin's Essential Items
Camila Kressin's Essential Items

What are your essential items? 

CoffeeNothing better than a good strong espresso in the morning. 

Chocolate Tin - I always keep different chocolates or Brazilian candies inside it, so it's always a big and happy surprise when I need something sweet. 

CrystalsI really believe that they help me to keep calm, creative and focused. 

Table Tennis RacketTable tennis is the best sport to have at work!! My colleagues and I have so much fun playing during breaks. It's the best thing to relieve stress after a hard morning/afternoon. 

CameraI'm not a professional photographer, but taking pictures is my favourite hobby. When I`m not at work, I always have my camera with me and I love to take pictures of details, buildings and nature. 

EarphonesI`m moved by music and the type of music I listen to depends on my mood. I normally start the day listening to Jack Johnson or folk music and finish the day listening to reggaeton or Brazilian funk hehe...

What advice would you give to students considering entry into the animation industry?

Don't be afraid to get in touch with someone who is working in the job role you are interested in. Ask for tips or their opinions about your work. You could even ask how they got to where they are now. Having a mentor at the beginning will really help you improve your skills and get into the animation industry. 

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