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4 DIY Costumes Based on Some of our Favourite Characters That are Perfect for Halloween!

It’s nearly Halloween, and the team at Brown Bag Films couldn’t be more excited! Halloween is a huge deal around here, presenting the perfect opportunity to get creative and celebrate some of our favorite characters. 

To help you get into the spooky spirit, we’ve looked to some of our favorite Brown Bag Films characters for some Halloween costume inspiration. We’re listing out all the things you need to craft the perfect look, plus some costume pro-tips to take your costume to the next level!

Read on below to explore the different Brown Bag Films characters you can dress up as this year for Halloween.

Getting Creative with Karma

To start off this guide, we’re going to look at the things you need to dress up as Karma Grant from Karma's World! Karma is super creative, with an outfit that can be re-created with things at home. Let’s see how you can achieve her look.

To pull off Karma’s effortlessly cool look, you’ll need the following: 

- A teal track jacket with stripes down the arms, preferably gold! (TIP: DIY the stripes yourself with gold paper or gold painted tape.)

- An orange T-shirt

- Purple pants

- Pink sneakers

- Gold star clips for your hair

Costume Pro-Tip: To Karma-fy this costume even more, be sure to carry a notebook and pen. Karma always keeps her notebook handy to write down her thoughts and lyrics. 

A Tigertastic Costume from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood!

Why not dress as everyone's favorite tiger, Daniel, from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood? This is a great kids costume, and can be done with items found at home. 

You’ll need: 

- Red zip up sweater

- Red shoes

- Brown watch

- Tiger animal ears (TIP: Need to make this yourself? Try making ears using construction paper, and tape them to a headband!)

Costume Pro-Tip: To complete the look, you should add some tiger inspired face paint! Use brown face paint or makeup to add stripes to your face, paint on a pink nose, and add some whiskers. This, plus some animal ears, will have you looking like Daniel. 

Travelling History with Xavier!

Here’s how to look like our favorite history explorer, Xavier, from Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum.

Here’s what you’ll need: 

- Red hooded sweater with a black X (TIP: You can add the “X” yourself with black tape, or fabric paint!)

- Blue jeans

- Black and white running shoes

- Antennas attached to your sweater’s hood

Costume Pro-Tip:  To make Xavier’s antennas yourself, you can use simple craft supplies! Get some black pipe cleaners and fix small foam ball on the end painted yellow. You can then tape/glue them in place on your hoodie.

Wowmazing Costumes from Rosie’s Rules! 

Here’s how to pull off Rosie’s supertastical look. 

You’ll need:

- White T-Shirt

- Blue Overall shorts with a pink star (TIP: DIY this with paint, tape, or even paper!

- Yellow boots

Costume Pro-Tip: Rosie likes to use her tablet to call and talk to her Abuela in Mexico. You can carry one too, to complete your Rosie look.

We hope you enjoyed this DIY costume guide! If you decide to rock any of these cool looks, be sure to show us on social media by tagging @brownbagfilms on Instagram and/or @BrownBagFilms on Twitter. 

We’ll be sharing even more cool Halloween content in the days to come. Until then, have a safe and happy Halloween Season! 

Miranda Madden

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