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Exploring Scary Stories with Mary Shelley in Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum

If you need something spooky to watch for Halloween, listen up! We have the perfect episode of Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum ready for you. 

The episode “I Am Mary Shelley” is the perfect episode for Halloween, offering a spooky story that’s fun for everyone to watch.

Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum follows the adventures of Xavier, Yadina and Brad, three kids who visit the Secret Museum to travel through time. When they encounter problems they turn to history to solve them, learning from the historical heroes they meet as they time travel.

In this episode, Xavier, Yadina and Brad are looking for the perfect scary story to share around the campfire for their Nature Troop campout. To figure out how to make a scary story of their own, they visit one of history's best horror authors: Mary Shelley. 

Mary Shelley is one of the world’s most famous authors and is best known for writing the novel “Frankenstein.” The gang ends up meeting Mary Shelley in London in 1805, going on an adventure where they learn how to write stories that are equal parts spooky AND silly. 

You can watch this full episode by visiting the Xavier Riddle video player on PBS KIDS! You can also check out the PBS KIDS video app to watch more episodes and clips.

Want to meet even more historical figures with Xavier and his friends? Check out the clips below to meet even more amazing people from history, with clips and full episodes from Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum!

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