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Sago Mini Named a Common Sense Selection

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  • Posted by Miranda Madden on October 28 2022

We are super excited to share that Sago Mini Friends has been named a Common Sense Selection for Families from Common Sense Media!

Common Sense Media is an organization that works to help families navigate content, covering everything from TV series to books to podcasts. They provide reviews and breakdowns of content so families and kids can make better informed choices about what they are watching.

As a Common Sense Selection, Sago Mini Friends has been marked as beneficial content for kids to engage with, receiving an incredible 5/5 star rating!

Sago Mini Friends is a series that follows an adorable cast of characters who live in the colorful town Sagoville, having adventures that are equal parts wholesome and hilarious. The show's main lesson is gratitude, teaching kids to be thankful for the amazing things in their lives while encouraging optimism and kindness. 

Common Sense Media applauds this series messaging, noting how Sago Mini Friends succeeds in teaching young kids lessons with “bright & bold animation” paired with “extra-catchy songs” in each episode.  Here’s some of what they had to say in their review:

“Finding shows for preschoolers that are both entertaining and educational isn't easy, but this series has it all. Sago Mini Friends is everything parents of young children could want in a 30-minute episode. With a sweet crew of animal friends who speak in adorable voices, the bright and bold animation uses action, words, and songs to teach all about approaching life with gratitude. They do a great job of laying out any problem they're facing and then demonstrating how they work through it in a way their young audience can understand.” 

A huge congratulations to the entire Sago Mini Friends team, including our awesome Brown Bag Films Toronto crew, series producers Spin Master Entertainment, and creators Sago Mini on this super duper accreditation.

If you’d like to read the full Common Sense Media review, click here! And, if you’d like to watch Sago Mini Friends, episodes are now streaming on AppleTV+

Miranda Madden

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