TV Series

Meet the Teenologists - Shazzer, Fionn, Trish and Mulvey. Together with their friends they have produced for us the essential 'How To' guide to becoming a card-carrying member of the teenage community.

Using charts and diagrams, their simple instructions will allow even the saddest teen to safely navigate those all-important issues of teen life. How to scab money, sleep in class and perfect the ultimate dramatic exit are all covered in depth in this 'Dummies Guide to Teendom'. Trish is the brains, Shazzer has the sass, Fionn's got the superiority complex, and Mulvey... well, Mulvey is just chilled. Together they give us the low-down on how to coast through even the most cringe-worthy situations of the teenage years with your cool intact.

Created and Directed by Bronagh O’Hanlon
Produced by Cathal Gaffney & Darragh O'Connell
Music by Darren Hendley
Duration: 30 x 1 min
Year of Production: 2007
Commissioned by: RTE