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Watch 4 Full Episodes of Eureka! Now on Disney Junior’s YouTube Channel! #Playlist

It all starts with a great idea!

Our homegrown animated series Eureka!, created by Niamh Sharkey and Norton Virgien, tells the story of Eureka, a talented young inventor living in the fantastical prehistoric world of Rocky Falls. Each episode follows Eureka as she “thinkers” her way out of problems by creating some fantastic inventions and contraptions, all in the hopes of making the world a better place and moving her prehistoric community into a more modern era.

With the help of her supportive parents, teacher, best friends—Pepper and Barry—and beloved pet mammoth Murphy, Eureka is learning to embrace that she is not ordinary… she's extraordinary.

Along with inspiring kids to create with confidence, Eureka! also aims to get more kids interested in science and engineering. With Eureka and her friends, challenges turn into big ideas, amazing inventions and the most fascinating and hilarious adventures!

Following on from the recent launch of brand new Eureka! episodes on Disney Junior, we're delighted to share four awesome episodes available in full on Disney Junior's YouTube channel to help highlight the joy of imagineering with Eureka!

Check out the episodes below:

Tusks, Trouble, and All

Watch the first full episode of Eureka!, Season 1 Episode 1 Part 1, “Tusks, Trouble, and All”!

In Tusks, Trouble, and All, Eureka and her friends, Pepper and Barry, free a woolly mammoth—Murphy. Things get a little complicated when Eureka wants to keep Murphy as a pet but struggles to get the large woolly mammoth into her house.

Absoflutely Fabulous

Watch the full episode of Eureka!, Season 1 Episode 1 Part 2, “Absoflutely Fabulous”!

In Absoflutely Fabulous, Eureka tries to befriend a flute player in her class by inventing her a new flute. Eureka doesn't quite get the reaction she hoped for initially and has to think outside the box, using her innovative thinkering to create something new and exciting to wow her new friend.

Dance Dance Evolution

Watch the full episode of Eureka!, Season 1 Episode 12 Part 1, “Dance Dance Evolution”!

In Dance Dance Evolution, the Rocky Falls kids learn a new dance for school and everyone is able to master the routine except for Pepper!

American Ballet Theatre dancer Misty Copeland guest stars as their dance instructor Rockanne, and shows the class how to do the “Graceful Bird” dance, which they try by flapping their wings.

A Eureka Special

Watch the full episode of Eureka!, Season 1 Episode 18 Part 1, “A Eureka Special”!

In A Eureka Special, Eureka tries to help out her mom, Roxy, and look after her restaurant Paleo so she can take a break. She thinks she can run the restaurant by thinkering up inventions, but quickly discovers she needs a little help to get things just right!

Enjoy more Eureka! airing on Disney Junior and streaming on Disney+ and DisneyNOW.

If you’d like to discover more about the work that went into this show’s creation, be sure to watch the Making Of Featurette and the Cast Featurette.

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