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Top 10 Reasons to Watch In the Zone - Now on Netflix #MagicSchoolBus

The time is NOW! Magic School Bus Rides Again: In the Zone launches on Netflix TODAY, Saturday, December 26!

Watch as Ms. Frizzle's class sets out on a Magic School Bus adventure to see every show on a pop star's New Year's Eve tour, on the way learning about time zones, as they attend all her concerts on the SAME night!

We are counting down the Top 10 reasons to ring in the new year by watching In the Zone, our new must-see Magic School Bus special:

1. We get to meet Maven – Ms. Frizzle’s superstar cousin, who is voiced by Canadian pop sensation LIGHTS!

2. We learn all about TIME ZONES! Did you know time zones tell you what the time is near and far! When Great Big Ben chimes 12 PM, it's six o'clock in old Bangkok, but just turned noon in Cameroon and eleven in New Zealand. Cool, right!

3. We see the Magic School Bus transforms into a record-breaking 11 different variations of itself, including a bus-jet, a UFO-bus, a hot air balloon-bus, a sub-bus and so much more!

4. Did we mention we get to learn about TIME ZONES? Like did you know that Antarctica is home to every time zone and time zones as we know them today were standardized in 1886!

5. There is a special guest appearance from Captain Rock Man! Don’t know who that is? We suggest going back in time and watching “The Battle for Rock Mountain,” episode 4, season 1 of Magic School Bus: Rides Again.

6. Bus reveals the secrets behind its top-secret software! Rumor has it that every year at precisely midnight on New Year's Eve, the bus updates its 'Magicware’ – the programs that make Bus do its magic stuff. Apparently, this requires downloading a REALLY BIG file – like we’re talking 13 giga-buses BIG!

7. In this special we are introduced to a few new magical contraptions like an invisibility gizmo called the ‘NoCanSee-alyzer,’ there’s also a strange doohickey buried in Bus's utility panel named the ‘un-mothilizer,’ and not to be missed a temperamental thingamabob wedged in the engine known as the ‘Bingbongifier’! Want to know more about what these gadgets do? You will have to watch and find out!

8. We learn what the first thing was to be installed on the bus – hint it hangs from the ceiling and is a crucial element to all disco parties.

9. We uncover how time zones are governed and created! Turns out time zones are arbitrary and based on the needs of the place that sets them up! If you want to get exact, you must find a celestial clock that tells the true solar time based on your exact location from moment to moment. If you are curious, you can download a celestial clock app on your phone or tablet!

10. Finally, we get to see Lizzy play a mean drum solo!

Ring in the New Year with Ms. Frizzle and crew! Watch Magic School Bus Rides Again: In the Zone now streaming on Netflix.

Rhya Tamasauskas

Marketing Director, Social Media and Corporate Communications

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