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Essential Stretches for Animators

Raise your hand in the air—stretch real high to the sky—if you are working at your kitchen desk right now?

Whether working from home has been your norm for years or is new to you thanks to COVID-19 restrictions, it's likely that either way your day-to-day activity levels are being impacted.

Though working from home has many benefits—ahem, flexible hours, tracksuit dress code, and Zoom touch-up filters—it can lead to a routine that has far fewer trips to the water cooler, less lunchtimes walks with coworkers, and likely much more time sitting in place at your home desk. This is especially true for those of us who work in a creative industry where it's easy to lose track of time while immersed in a job that can require continuous focus and attention. Who hasn't looked away from the clock in the morning to dive into animating a long sequence of shots, only to look up and realize the sun is setting and you've not moved all day… sound familiar?

Here at Brown Bag Films, our Health and Wellbeing Committee has been doing an awesome job of suggesting ideas to keep our WFH crews healthy and active. One thing in particular that has resonated with our workforce was the recommendation to break up our day with a simple 10-minute routine of relevant stretches, to help send our aches and pains packing.

Since we had such a great response to our suggested stretching sequence, we decided to package them together in our own handy sharable guide tailored for animators and other animation industry professionals! And to give our desk-ercise routine our own Brown Bag twist, we had designer Jing He illustrate our studio's favorite stretches in her fantastic and unique style, to help not only inspire the athlete, but also the artist within!

So, now enough with the words and on to exercise—please enjoy Brown Bag Film's Essential Stretches for Animators!

Download and print here!

And before your go, one more helpful tip—don't forget to set a daily reminder to take a moment to stretch it out!

Rhya Tamasauskas

Marketing Director, Social Media and Corporate Communications

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