Image © Gabby Albino

The Girl with the Flowers in Her Hair #Sketch

Today's #Sketch makes us want to break out our own floral accessories, all courtesy of Toronto based Character Designer, Gabby Albino! Gabby was inspired to create this beautiful piece following a #DrawThisInYourStyle challenge. 

Gabby: I was inspired directly by the artist Janice Sung. She had tagged her character among the countless other illustrations included in the #DrawThisInYourStyle challenge in the art community of Instagram. After seeing her character in the hashtag section, I was inspired to recreate it in my own style. 

I did this sketch in Procreate! My process is quite simple; I typically do one or two rough passes, and then I'll do one final pass of line and colour.


You can check out more of Gabby's amazing work on her Instagram and on her Website!

Sarah Ott

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