Brown Bag Films Art Jam: Pride

The June #ArtJam results are in!

Our June Art Jam was no ordinary one. Our Dublin, Manchester, and Toronto studios all collaborated together to hold our very first cross studio art jam!

The theme for this was 'Pride' in celebration of June being Pride month! And, our artists did not disappoint, submitting some amazing pieces showcasing the colour and diversity represented at all Pride Festivals around the world!

Take a look at the entries from our Dublin studio, which include two animated videos this month!

/images/labs/Pride-Art-Jam-BBF-002.jpg By 2D Designer Marvi Manzoni /images/labs/Pride-Art-Jam-Marvi-Manzoni-008.jpg Together by 2D Designer Marvi Manzoni /images/labs/Pride-Art-Jam-Jordi-Garcia-001.jpg Awakening by Modeller Jordi Garcia /images/labs/Pride-Art-Jam-_Darren-Murray-006.jpg Still a Sheep, Just Different by 2D Artist Darren Murray /images/labs/Pride-Art-Jam-_Emma-Williamson-005.jpg Pride Sheep by Modeller Emma Williamson /images/labs/Pride-Art-Jam-Stephen-OConnor-004.jpg Not Now Johnson by Art Director Stephen O'Connor /images/labs/Pride-Art-Jam-Paul-Morris-007.jpg These Colours by CG Generalist Paul Morris /images/labs/Pride-Art-Jam-supriya-Pendurkar-003.jpg LGBT Pride Ireland by Lead Texture Artist Supriya Pendurkar

The winning entry for Dublin was voted on by the Dublin studio and was awarded jointly to Lead FX Artist Anabela Faria and Senior FX Artist Guilherme Brenner for their awesome videos!

“For me the piece is about the power that our love and our inner power have if we let them be out and free, and how colorful and diverse it can be!”

- Guilherme Brenner, Senior FX Artist

“The song “PINK FLUFFY UNICORNS DANCING ON RAINBOWS” by Andrew Huang inspired me to do this tiny short animation, that, of course, had to be all about unicorns. :D

I 've also used the remix done by All Hell Breaks Loops for a bit of a twist.

With this piece I also tried to portray the feeling of watching a pride parade where you see lots of people joined together, supporting each other, dancing, jumping, and having LOTS of fun.

A big shout out to Paulo Silva that helped me loads making this and I could never finish it on time without him.”

- Anabela Faria, Lead FX Artist

Second place went jointly to 2D Designer Marvi Manzoni and Modeller Jordi Garcia and third place was snapped up by Art Director Stephen O'Connor!

Next up, we've got these gorgeous entries from our Manchester studio:

/images/labs/Pride-Art-Jam-Robin-French-004.jpg Pride by Storyboard Artist Robin French /images/labs/Pride-Art-Jam-Catherine-Egan-002.jpg Love is Boundless by Scene Set Up Artist Catherine Egan /images/labs/Pride-Art-Jam-Antonella-Maringola-001.jpg Be Proud! by Storyboard Artist Antonella Maringola /images/labs/Pride-Art-Jam-Elliot-Crutchley-003.jpg Pride is a Protest! by 2D Animator Elliot Crutchley

The winning entry for Manchester was voted on by the Manchester studio and was awarded to the beautifully vibrant 'Pride' by Storyboard Artist Robin French.

“Pride month was actually an incredibly difficult prompt since it feels very close to home! As a member of the LGBT community, it's a time to celebrate how far things have come in recent years but also acknowledge the areas where a lot of progress still needs to be made, particularly in terms of trans rights and intersectionality. To that end, I made the 'Progress' variant of the Pride flag as visually prominent as I could, as well as trying to represent as wide a range of identities throughout. I wanted the piece to be joyful with a sense of community and hope, as that is exactly how Pride feels to me.”

- Robin French, Storyboard Artist

And last but definitely not least, feast your eyes on the entries from our Toronto studio:

/images/blog/Mitch_Deslippe_PRIDE_2019-06-25_-_Mitch_Deslippe.png Pride by Animation Supervisor Mitch Deslippe /images/blog/pride_-_Kaitlyn_Seow.jpg Proud by Designer Kaitlyn Seow /images/blog/Adrienne_Bazir_062019_-_Adrienne_Bazir.png Accessories by Animator Adrienne Bazir /images/blog/MEGAN_LEONARD_062019_-_Megan_Leonard.jpg All Love is Beautiful by Character Designer Megan Leonard /images/blog/Nick_Etherton_062519.jpg Chalk Heart by Storyboard Revisionist Nick Etherton /images/blog/ArtJam_DianeAarts_pride__-_Diane_Aarts.png Pride and Fantasy by Animation Supervisor Diane Aarts /images/blog/MEGAN_LEONARD_02_062019_-_Megan_Leonard.jpg Bianco Del Rio: Clown Pride Realness by Character Designer Megan Leonard /images/blog/Paula_Potts_062019_-_Paula_Potts.png Alaska by Producer Paula Potts

The winning entry for Toronto was voted on by our Toronto studio members and awarded to 'Love is Love' by Animation Supervisor Mitch Deslippe.

“An important message I aimed to get across was that LOVE will always cross socially constructed borders, like race, gender, age, etc. While Pride was the theme, I felt it was necessary to make representation just as much of a focus. The whole process was a learning opportunity for me, for example, the pride flag was always going to be included, but adding the representation of Trans pride and Trans visibility was something that came up as I researched what pride means. My partner works in a company tightly connected to the LGBTQ community and I have been learning more about the concepts through that exposure as well. I think it's important for people to see that someone of any race, gender or background can actively apply themselves to be an educated ally.”

- Mitch Deslippe, Animation Supervisor

The first runner up went to 'Proud' by Designer Kaitlyn Seow and second runner up was awarded to 'Accessories' by Animator Adrienne Bazir.

Hope you enjoyed this and be sure to catch more from our studio Art Jam's next month!

Our Toronto studio will be taking a dive underwater with their 'Mermaid' themed Art Jam, our Manchester studio will be exploring the universe in their 'Space' themed Art Jam and our Dublin studio will venture into the woods with their 'Fairy Tales & Fables' theme!

Lindsay Tohana

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