Eleven #FanArt

This week's #FanArt is in celebration of the much-anticipated release of season three of 'Stranger Things'!

This is courtesy of our Toronto based Animation Supervisor, Mitch Deslippe! Mitch has always been a huge 'Stranger Things' fan and decided to create his own interpretation of the beloved character Eleven.

Mitch: This was some fan art I created shortly after watching the first season, I was so hooked!

I loved the aesthetic of the show with its nostalgic 80's setting and throwbacks to Spielberg films and Stephen King novels.

Not to mention the awesome music, compelling sci-fi story and charming characters.

Definitely a home run for a tv show. Excited to see the new season!

'Eleven' by Toronto based Animation Supervisor Mitch Deslippe
'Eleven' by Toronto based Animation Supervisor Mitch Deslippe

Sarah Ott

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