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Take a Trip Back in Time - Behind the Scenes of the Secret Museum

Did you know that today is International Museum Day!

We thought it would be fun to take a trip behind the scenes of one our favourite museums — The Secret Museum!

Our Xavier Riddle production team snuck into the design vault and unearthed out these super cool concept sketches of the Secret Museum! 

Take a trip back in time and see where it all started…

And just because today is so special, we are revealing a few of the hidden secrets hiding within the walls of the Secret Museum! But we aren't going to make it easy for you!

Look closely at images below and see if you can spot some of the mysterious artifacts hiding in plain sight.

Did you find a few hidden gems?

We have a couple more fun facts to share – The below portrait of Great Great Grandpa Riddle is actually series creator and award-winning author Brad Meltzer, holding a moebeus strip! And the dog is series director Cory Bobiak's beloved childhood pet, Spike. 

Want to go further into the Secret Museum? Have you tried playing Hidden Heroes, the Xavier Riddle game that takes you deep into the depths of the museum, where you get to seek out clues to uncover the identity of mysterious heroes from the past!

Finally, did you know that May is actually Museum month! A time dedicated to celebrating all the vital contributions museums add to our communities around the world.

Right now, due to COVID-19, many of our museums have had to close their doors and programming to the public. Why not take a minute to check in and see how your local museum is doing these days? Lots of spaces are offering online tours, so you can venture through exhibits from the comfort of your own home. And remember to show them some love on social—they would probably love to hear from you!

Rhya Tamasauskas

Marketing Director, Social Media and Corporate Communications

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