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Learn About Endangered Species with Wild Kratts #Playlist

It's Endangered Species Day today and we wanted to take this opportunity to help youngsters learn about some of the currently endangered species on our planet and how to protect them. To do that, we're turning to our trusted experts in this field—the Wild Kratts!

Following the adventures of animated versions of real-life brothers Chris and Martin Kratt, in each episode of Wild Kratts we encounter wild animals during stories of adventure and mystery. And we've got a specially curated Wild Kratts playlist below to help, so hit PLAY and let's begin discovering!

Wild Kratts - Rescuing Endangered Species

From cute pandas and lemurs to deadly tigers and charging black rhinos, discover which species are rare or endangered.

Wild Kratts - The Wildlife Heroes Saving One Animal at a Time

In the Wild Kratts world, there are two kinds of families: people and animal families and this is why the Wild Kratts team saves each and everyone of them! This episode features the critically endangered Rhino.

Wild Kratts - FIERCE Mother, Tigers

Ready to learn about tigers? We sure are!

Wild Kratts - Earth Day Rescues!

Join the Wild Kratts on their mission to protect the earth and the creatures on it! In this episode, the threat comes from villain Paisley Paver and her assistant Rex, who are trying to destroy elephant and bear habitats.

Wild Kratts - Bad Guy FAILS

Martin and Chris activate their creature power suits to rescue their animal friends! This episode features the critically endangered Orangutan.

Wild Kratts - Mothers of the Wild

Martin and Chris try to find the perfect Mother's Day gift for mama Kratt and later discover that the animal kingdom is full of some of the fiercest mothers around! This episode features the endangered Leopard.

Wild Kratts - The Deadliest Felines in Nature

Martin and Chris discover some of the most dangerous and fascinating cats in the animal kingdom.

Wild Kratts - Discover Pandas and More Bears!

Did you know that a red panda isn't actually part of the bear family? Learn all about these unique creatures and how they compare to giant pandas and black bears!

For more information on endangered species and to view a list of species and their conservation status, check out the WWF Species Directory.

Want to help protect our planet's endangered species? Here are some great resources to get you started:

15 Ways to Help Protect Endangered Species

Donate to World Wild Life (WWF)

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