Stardust #Sketch

Today's #Sketch is from our Dublin-based 2D Designer, Gavin O'Donnell. We've been blown away with Gavin's pieces here in the studio and were delighted that our Brown Bag Climate Change Art Jam inspired him to do this gorgeous piece!

Gavin: This image leads on from the previous pieces “Collapse” and “Hang On!”

I wanted to practice creating a short story across a few images. The images were inspired by the Climate Change topic we had in Brown Bag for our recent Art Jam.

'Stardust' Gavin O'Donnell
'Stardust' Gavin O'Donnell

The story follows a mother polar bear and her two cubs on their struggles with climate change. The final frame 'Stardust' was inspired by and a homage to an iconic scene in The Lion King.

/images/labs/Sketch-stardust-Gavin-O-Donnell-003.jpg 'Collapse' Gavin O'Donnell /images/labs/Sketch-stardust-Gavin-O-Donnell-004.jpg 'Hang On' Gavin O'Donnell


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