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  • Posted by Sarah Ott on July 01 2019

The 2019 Children's Media Conference kicks off tomorrow and we are READY!

The CMC is the only gathering in the UK for people involved in developing, producing and distributing content to kids – on all platforms. The conference welcomes delegates from film, TV, radio, interactive media, games, licensing, toys, book and magazine publishing, the arts and culture sector and educational media – with speakers from all those areas and beyond.

This year we are excited to have staff from both our 9 Story parent team and our Manchester studio in attendance! These include Neil Court (Executive Chairman of the Board at 9 Story), Alix Wiseman (SVP, Business Development & Acquisitions 9 Story), Stephen Kelley (Senior Director, Distribution at 9 Story), Sarah McQuire (Director of Operations - BBF UK), Uma Krishnamurthy (Senior Producer BBF Manchester) and Sarah Lonsdale (Development Executive at 9 Story)!

The conference has an amazing lineup of speakers to look forward to and we are thrilled to see Alix Wiseman and Neil Court taking part!

Alix will be participating in the 'Focus on Ireland' panel, which will include several experienced producers and creatives who will discuss what Irish companies and studios have to offer producers who choose to bring their productions to Ireland and the financial incentives to partnering in this way. This panel will take place on Wednesday the 3rd of July, from 2.00 - 3.00 pm in the HUBS Common Room.

Neil Court will be hosting/moderating the 'Fortnite-ly Phenomena: What Creates A Digital Craze?' which will also take place on Wednesday the 3rd of July from 5.10 - 6.00 pm in Showroom Cinema 3. This panel discussion will look at what the animation industry can learn from the recent digital crazes in children's brands, from Minecraft to Fortnite, to see what these games and others have in common, why they resonate with kids and what lessons our industry can learn from these crazes.

Another exciting highlight, we are delighted to be sponsoring The CMC Party taking place on July 3rd! This party is free for all registered delegates, so be sure to come along after the day's conferencing and let your hair down. We look forward to seeing you there!

You can learn more about the conference and view more on the line-up here: CMC Timetable

Sarah Ott

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