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Spread the Love on Valentine’s Day #Crafting

It's almost Valentine's Day! A day especially made for spreading the love - something we can really get behind!

And what better way than to spread the love with your very own handmade Valentine's? Our Toronto-based Digital Marketing Manager Rhya Tamasauskas is a PRO at doing just this! In fact, last year she started a #ValentineExperiment, creating free Valentine's for anyone to take.

Rhya: One of my favourite holidays is Valentine’s Day - because of the LOVE, but mostly because of the VALENTINES!

I love making Valentines, getting Valentines and eating candy hearts (last one has less to do with Valentines, but a delicious holiday ritual nonetheless).

One of my fondest memories is going desk to desk in school to distribute tiny handmade cards to all my classmates. And it struck me that as adults, we don’t get to engage in this friendly practice of love note giving all that much these days, and how nice it would be to wake up and find a Valentine waiting for me as I went off to work… And it was from there that the #ValentineExperiment was born!

Last year, the night before Valentine’s I whipped up some simple love notes and posted them in my local bus shelter with a sign that said “Need a Valentine - Take One For Free!”. And off to work I went! At the end of the day I returned to the bus stop and they were all gone!

Love spread - Job done!

How to participate…

Want to join in the fun! It’s so easy. Make some Valentines, and then put them somewhere for someone to find! You can go as far as to include a sign with instructions and the #ValentineExperiment hashtag. But the main gist of this experiment is to share a little love and creativity with your community on this special holiday.

Want to join in on the #ValentineExperiment? Just create your own designs and take a snap of them out in the wild! Make sure to tag us, @brownbagfilms, so we can see them!

Anahita Tabarsi

Anahita is Brown Bag Films' Marketing Director, Digital & Social and drinks more than five coffees a day...

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