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Valentine’s Day #Playlist

Need a sweet treat to kick start your heart this morning, or looking for a special something to share with a friend?

We’ve got your back!

Watch our super animated love-filled playlist that we curated just for YOU on Valentine’s Day!

Playlist includes:

An Ode To Love | Brown Bag Films
My Huggy Valentines | Doc McStuffins
Henry Hugglemonster | Valentines Day
Henry Hugglemonster | Monster Mail Madness
Daniel Tiger | Show Your Love!
Daniel Tiger | Baby Margaret Says “I Love You”
Daniel Tiger | We Love Trolley
Angelina Ballerina | Happy Valentine’s Day!
Peg + Cat | Kitty Love on Valentine's Day
Barney | Valentine's Day Song + Friendship Songs
Wild Kratts | Animal Love
Octonauts | Cute Moments | 10+ minutes | Valentine's Day

Rhya Tamasauskas

Marketing Director, Social Media and Corporate Communications

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