Octonauts Fanmail Alert: George

Sound the Octo-alert!

We got an AWESOME fanmail sent in by Octo-fan George all the way from Shropshire, UK!

Check out George's adorable letter and drawing below:

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to give you some episode ideas for Octonauts that could inspire season 5. I love creating episodes for my favourite TV programs including Octonauts. I have ideas for most of a series but I will only put my favourite on this letter. So if you need some more ideas I am happy to write again.

Here are my ideas.

I have an idea for an “on land adventure” series where the crew venture with lions, cheetahs and hyenas.

The on land adventure (special)

“I wish we could see lions, beetles and elephants,” moaned Kwazii.

“Yes, that would be good!!” agreed Peso.

“Well, maybe Tweaks new invention could help us?” wondered Shellington.

“Yes, it can!” announced Tweak.

As a large legged gup arose from the water.

“And, so can the Octopod!” said Tweak excitedly.

“That's this new gup of yours called Tweak?” asked Kwazii.

“Gup-L” answered Tweak. “L for Land, it's made to look like a real Komodo dragon.”

“They're excellent runners, swimmers and divers” explained Shellington.

“Yeow! What are we waiting for?” shouted Kwazii.

“Next stop Africa!” called Tweak.

Once in the Savanna Shellington accidently hit the launch button on the helicopter feature with Barnacles, Peso, Kwazii and Tweak inside. Whilst in the air Tweak falls out! Then she takes the Octo-speed boat in the river to save Dashi and Shellington from a flood.

Luckily, the helicopter launches a rescue line and pulls Gup-K to safety.

The End


What an excellent adventure for the Octonauts!! The production crew were absolutely delighted to get this - thanks to George for making our day!

Keep an eye out for some special mail headed your way!


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