Meet CG Supervisor Matthew Lloyd! #Interview

Meet our amazing Dublin based CG Supervisor Matthew Lloyd! Apart from his passion for all things CG, you won't be able to help but notice his impressive Star Wars model collection that decorates his workstation. We chatted with him about his current role as CG Supervisor and how he got into animation having started out on a different path early on. 


How did you get into animation? 

As a kid I was always drawing, sketching and making models so it was a surprise when I ended up studying International trade and Marketing after leaving school.

While at college, I picked up a prospectus from The Irish School of Animation at Ballyfermot College. This was in 1995 and Ballyfermot College had just introduced a new Higher National Diploma course in Computer animation and 3D Modelling. I applied for the following term and to my surprise, I got a place on the course. I haven't looked back since.

How long have you worked in the animation industry? 

I’ve been working in animation for 20 years. I first started out as a 3D computer games artist. From there, I went on to work at the Irish School of Animation, I actually still deliver classes there on one of their VFX courses.

Over the years, I've also worked in TV, commercials and feature films. Early on in my career, I had considered myself a 3D Generalist which allowed me to move in and out of different roles for different companies. When I joined Brown Bag Films, I specialised in 3D Modelling.

What's your current role and what does it involve? 

I’m a CG Supervisor on one of Brown Bag Films newest shows, Sadie Sparks, but there are many different sides to my role. Primarily I support and work with the Director, Art Director, Production team and a team of artists in all things CG.

Another large part of my day involves working with our Co-Producer Cyber Group Studios in France.

What are your biggest influences and inspiration? 

I've not been inspired by just one individual, I’m inspired more by the emergence and growth of 3D digital art and those that create it. There is a huge community of artists that share their work and knowledge online and via tutorials that you can't help but be inspired by.

I’m also inspired and very lucky to work with some of the best talent in the industry, If I find myself in a situation where I can’t resolve a problem I know that that I can reach out to the other departments for help, and I will get it.

What's your favourite tool to use and why? 

From a creative point of view, ZBrush and Maya are my favourite tools to use. They are some of the most user-friendly 3D tools available to artists. However, now that I work in a supervisory role, you're more likely to catch me using Shotgun (the production tool).

What advice would you give someone considering getting into the animation industry? 

In my opinion, it is important for new graduates or someone looking to get into the Animation Industry to be persistent. Young artists or new graduates should not be disheartened if they do not get the first job they have applied for when they leave college.

Keep working on your reel, continue to up-skill and get constructive feedback from your peers. When the time is right, apply again.

What do you like most about working in animation? 

There are many things I like about this industry. Creating animation is such a technical and collaborative process. The sense that everyone is working towards a common goal makes coming to work a lot easier and enjoyable.

What's been the most challenging thing about working in animation? 

Working as a CG Supervisor means that you are involved in most areas of CG production on a show. It’s a challenge sometimes to make sure that you stay on top of all the moving parts that you are responsible for.

In animation, we also work to strict deadlines, which sometimes means that we don't always have the time we would like, to polish and refine work.

Outside of animation what are you most passionate about? 

My passions outside of animation are running and sports.

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