Happy National Good Neighbour Day! #Playlist

We’ve learned many lessons watching countless hours of Daniel Tiger and one of them is the importance of being a supportive neighbour. 

So today (and every day!) we’re taking a page out of Daniel’s book and making a conscious effort to do something nice for those around us.

If you need help knowing where to start, we have a few suggestions from the Daniel Tiger vault:

1. Simply saying hello, smiling, waving or stopping for a quick catch up. A friendly gesture goes a long way! 

2. Join a good cause like helping keep the neighbourhood clean and safe. Everyone will appreciate it. 

3. Offer assistant with chores or manual labour, like mowing the lawn or fixing a broken mailbox.  Maybe they will return the favour one day. 

4. Keep your eyes open for a lost pet or join your neighbour in their search. They will always be grateful!

Catch up with Daniel and watch how he chooses to be a good neighbour on today’s special playlist. 

And don’t forget that neighbours are all around, whether they live across the street or sit at the desk beside you, there’s always an opportunity to be a good neighbour!

Happy #GoodNeighbourDay 

Stefanie Zaarur

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