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Let’s Travel the World with Let’s Go Luna! for #WorldTourismDay!

Today is #WorldTourismDay and we’re celebrating by taking a tour across the globe with our friends from Let’s Go Luna

Let’s Go Luna! is a series from 9 Story Media Group and Brown Bag Films that follows the adventures of three kids, Leo, Andy and Carmen, and their trusted guide Luna the Moon. Together this group visits cities around the globe as they travel with their parents' performance troupe Circo Fabuloso, learning about the cultures of the places they visit with each stop.

#WorldTourismDay is a great opportunity to get excited about the many amazing places we can visit around the world. In the playlist below, we’re highlighting the adventures of Luna and her friends in different cities they visit to give you a taste of their global adventures. Check the videos out below!

In this clip, Luna takes our favorite trio down under to see sunny Australia! Together they try their hand at Australian farm life, shearing sheep, milking cows, and riding horses for the first time. 

Did you know chocolate comes from Mexico? Watch as Leo, Andy and Carmen learn from their magic globe about Mexico City, and the amazing things it has to offer.

Welcome to Paris! In this clip, Leo wants to prepare a special French dish because the crew are visiting fabulous France. Thankfully, there is a ton of food to explore in France, as told to this trio by their magic globe.

When Carmen tries to play a birthday song on her guitar, she breaks her guitar strings. She needs to replace them fast! Thankfully they’re in Delhi, India, a city that they learn is filled with musicians, artists and culture.

In this clip the kids are in Nairobi, a city in Kenya, Africa! To take in the sights the kids decide they want to visit the famous Nairobi National Park, so Andy can capture the perfect picture of a rhinoceros. 

Welcome to the town of Juneau, Alaska! It’s home to the Tlingit people, who approach storytelling through the art of totem poles, an important part of their culture. Watch as Luna and our favorite trio learn all about this amazing art form.

Let’s learn about the art of sumo wrestling, a popular sport in Japan! Here the group are visiting Japan and learning all about the technique, and skill that goes into sumo. 

If you want even more Let’s Go Luna, be sure to tune in to episodes wherever you watch PBS KIDS! You can also watch clips on and on the PBS KIDS Video App.

Miranda Madden

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