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9 Story CEO Vince Commisso Visits Brown Bag Films Bali!

On August 10th, 9 Story Media Group CEO Vince Commisso took a trip to our Bali studio, meeting with members of the Brown Bag Films Bali team.

The visit kicked off with Vince taking an on-site tour of the Brown Bag Films Bali facilities!

He was joined by Head of Production Faseh Hulisan, who guided Vince through workstations and introduced him to the facility's animators and broader team. During this visit Vince got to meet with team members, see what they were working on, and talk to them about the inspiration and motivation behind their incredible work!

Vince also got to speak to the team about driving positive change through the content our companies create and what motivates him as a leader to make shows that inspire kids to change the world for the better.

It was an insightful event, and a great moment for our Brown Bag Films team in Bali to come together and get inspired. A huge thank you to everyone who helped to put together such an awesome day!

Miranda Madden

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