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Celebrating Karma’s World Season 4 with Director Bronagh O’Hanlon

Get excited Karma’s World fans, because Season 4 is finally here! 

That’s right, you can now stream Season 4 of Karma’s World on Netflix

We are beyond excited to finally share a brand-new season of full-out fun and adventure with Karma and her family and friends. Season 4 sees Karma facing some of her biggest challenges yet, as she learns to navigate brand-new situations.

From dealing with her first fan, to facing her first ever villain, there are a ton of amazing stories to see in Karma’s World Season 4. This season's episodes cover a wide range of topics, including racial profiling, conflict, responsibility, the importance of community and much more.

To get some added insights into what’s to come in this new season, we spoke with someone who knows the series inside and out, our Karma’s World Director Bronagh O’Hanlon. Let’s see what she had to say about Season 4 of Karma’s World.

Is there anything from this newest season that you worked on that you are most proud of? 

I’m most proud of the way that episode 2 ‘Keys the Inventor’ deals with racism. There were so many moments in the episode that were very emotional to watch and I’m proud that the show did not shy away from the subject matter.

Do you have a favorite episode from this newest season? If so, what is it?

I love episode 1 “Karma’s Biggest Fan.” I just think Neha is such a super sweet, tenacious kid and a total scene stealer. And I love how Winston is determined to win the ‘Karma challenge’ in that episode. I also love the three part finale with Cece Dupree, she is just such a great character to bring to life, and who doesn’t love an over-the-top villain!

What do you hope fans can take away from Karma’s World Season 4? 

I hope Karma fans feel a sense of empowerment after watching Season 4. Though Karma is young, she be mighty! She doesn’t let anything stop her from doing what she believes to be right. Is it odd that a ten-year-old cartoon character is my hero?!

Are you ready to watch Karma’s World Season 4? Brand-new episodes are now streaming on Netflix!

Miranda Madden

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