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InkTober Challenge 2018 #PartTwo

The epic InkTober is now finished for this year but we crammed in as much inky goodness as we could - our Dublin, Manchester and Toronto studios took part in the fun and gave us some GREAT submissions to browse through!

We shared a round up of the first half of the submissions earlier this month in Part One, now sit back and take a look through the final batch!

Background Artist James Chapman completes the InkTober challenge with these gorgeously vibrant pieces:

We can't get enough of 2D Animator Nuno Nobre's detailed inktober sketches:

Enjoy these dreamy inktober sketches from Layout Artist Teodolinda Cotti:

Storyboard Artist Ceili Braidwood completes the inktober challenge with her wonderful series of strong, bold graphics:

We simply love these delicate inktober sketches from 2D Animator Giulia Raniolo:

3D Modeller Alex Patoine keeps things quirky whith her inktober doodles!

Shotgun Administrator Danielle Mahaffey finds the inktober challenge to be a great way to push yourself creatively and explore:

Background Supervisor Melissa Rovere considers Inktober as a personal challenge to create something new every day!

Animation Supervisor Mitch Deslippe keeps it fun and original with his inktober doodles:

Producer Paula Potts finds participating in Inktober is a fun activity she can do in her spare time that allows her to experiment with different styles and drawing techniques:

Animator Brandon Lepine continues his inktober doodles with his weird and wonderful characters:

2D Animator Chloe Peters captures the beauty and majesty of wildlife in her inktober series:

Scene Set Up Artist Hope Phillips leaves us wanting more with her simple badge style doodles:

2D Renderer Louise Haywood's inktober sketches have a fairytalesque quality:

Layout Artist Pedro Martins completed the inktober challenge with these adorable doodles:

2D Artist Tracy Dalton teases us with her beautiful and intricate inktober sketches:

Hope you enjoyed that! And in case you missed it be sure and check Part One!

For more info on InkTober and how to participate check out:

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