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InkTober Challenge 2018 #PartOne

The wonderful InkTober is upon us once again!

Set up by artist Jake Parker, the challenge encourages artists all over the world to do one ink drawing a day for the entire month of October.

We’ve got our Dublin, Manchester and Toronto studios taking part in the Inktober fun this year and we are LOVING the artwork being produced!

Here’s a quick roundup of what's been created so far:

Background Artist James Chapman is creating these wonderfully vibrant pieces complete with spiral sketchbook and posca piant markers:

It's back to Hogwarts for Background Artist Larisa Bumb, with her wonderful Harry Potter centred inktober sketches:

We're loving this beautiful inky sketch from 2D Designer Lydia Sanchez:

2D Animator Nuno Nobre employs a delicate and intricate graphic style in his inktober sketches:

There's a wonderfully dreamy quality to the inktober sketches from Layout Artist Teodolinda Cotti:

Storyboard Artist Ceili Braidwood goes strong and bold with her deft use of lines:

Storyboard Revisionist Antonella Maringola gives us some adorable interpretations of beloved film, TV and game characters:

2D Designer Blanca Sobrino gives us some whimsical character designs with some strong and fluid line work:

Layout Artist German Carmona practices some fine line work and detailed character concepts in his series of inktober sketches:

We get witch-y with Manchester-based Assistant Art Director Giedre Kaveckaite:

These super cute inks from 2D Animator Giulia Raniolo have us yearning to curl up with our own lazy cat:

Designer Aaron Wilkin enjoys drawing silly stuff and frequently posts new work to his instagram account. Check it out! 

Alex Patoine is a new addition to Brown Bag Films Toronto after recently finishing school. Although her role is 3D Modeller she still makes time to sketch and doodle in her free time, and she loves drawing quirky people!

Shotgun Administrator Danielle Mahaffey loves to paint and draw in her spare time. Last year was her first time participating in Inktober and she’s having even more fun with it this year. Danielle finds it’s a great way to push yourself to think creatively or even just to experiment and explore:

Storyboard Revisionist David Fernandez decided to go with the 31 Day World Building prompt list for Inktober and see what he could come up with. “World building is an essential part of creating a compelling story, and it's also a huge passion of his. It feels really good to work with traditional media rather than digital, as each stroke made with the pen needs to be more deliberate. There's no undo button to remove your mistakes!”

Animation Supervisor Diane Aarts incorporates a touch of colour into her work for added depth and often enjoys drawing animals and mystical creatures: 

Storyboard Revisionist Eduardo Espinoza loves participating in Inktober as it pushes him to just create! You can tell from his gallery Eduardo enjoys drawing a variety of subjects from scary villains, to superheroes to life drawings and even everyday people on the train:

Background Supervisor Melissa Rovere likes Inktober because it's a great way to experiment using different mediums and methods. She found through participating in Inktober the last couple of years that she actually enjoys working with ink a lot! “It's messy and unforgiving but at the same time really fun to work with.”

She considers Inktober as a personal challenge to create something new every day!

Mitch Deslippe participated in Inktober for the first time last year and he found it was a way to challenge himself to draw every day. He particularly loves the experience and the support he receives from others, as it inspired him to continue creating art year-round. Inktober 2018 brings new challenges for the Toronto based Animation Supervisor, this year he’s focusing on originality and experimentation with his art. He tries to infuse his personality into every drawing, and accept any imperfections as 'happy accidents':

Producer Paula Potts finds participating in Inktober is a fun activity she can do in her spare time that allows her to experiment with different styles and drawing techniques:

Some of VFX Artist Stanley Chan's favourite things in October are Inktober drawings, making kimchi, and the chocolate covered raisins that no one wants for Halloween.

Animator Brandon Lepine has a passion for treading a line between cute and creepy. He enjoys experimenting and finding new weird ways to put idea to paper.

For more info on InkTober and how to participate check out:

And tune in again soon for more Inktober goodness!

Anahita Tabarsi

Anahita is Brown Bag Films' Marketing Director, Digital & Social and drinks more than five coffees a day...

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