Halloween Costume Competition Winners 2018!

*Drumroll* please!


The votes are IN and the winners of our Halloween Costume Competitions across each studio have been decided!


And without further delay, in Brown Bag Dublin, we have in 1st Place, Production Coordinator Claire Lennon for her amazing ParaNorman

Special shout-outs go to Texture Artist Iaina Estrela for her fierce Wonder Woman costume garnering her 2nd Place and 2D Designer Lynne Guthrie for her awesome Queen Mera costume coming in 3rd Place (learn how she made it here)!

Best Group Costume was awarded to Senior Online Editor Emmet O'Neill, Lead FX Artist Liam O'Brien, Senior Post Production Coordinator Kerrie Costello, Editor Damien Dunne and Senior Editor Rossa Lundberg for bringing the Backstreet Boys back, complete with audio AND dance routine!

Everybody! Backstreets Back!
Everybody! Backstreets Back!

The winner of our Brown Bag Toronto Halloween Costume Competition is Layout Artist Denis Gagne who took 1st Place for his fantastic Popeye the sailor man!  

Special shout-outs to Animation Supervisor Mitch Deslippe for his epic Cable costume nabbing 2nd Place and Background Supervisor Melissa Rovere for her excellent Stealth Link costume close behind in 3rd Place!

Best Group Costume went to Designer Megan Leonard and Producer Paula Potts for their fabulously wicked Cruella & Bluella!

And not to be missed, the winner of our Brown Bag Manchester Halloween Costume Competition is Compositor Stephen Keeling sweeping into 1st Place for his terrifying Alien costume! 

In space no one can hear you screaaaaam!
In space no one can hear you screaaaaam!

Special shout-outs to Assistant Technical Director Eion McNaught for his brilliant Skeletor costume bagging 2nd Place and Toon Boom Renderer Praveen Zacharias for his royal King Dad of Nella the Princess Knight costume (uncanny!) taking home 3rd Place!

Well done to all our awesome costume crafters! You prove without a doubt that we take Halloween very seriously!

You can check out ALL the other costumes from our studio Halloween competition here!

We're looking forward to next year already ;)

Anahita Tabarsi

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