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Go on a Musical Adventure with Ridley Jones! #Playlist

Hey Adventurers! Get ready to rock to all the adventurous tracks from Season One of Ridley Jones!

Every song is right here in a playlist of music videos for your rockin' out pleasure! Are you ready to sing with us?

Ridley Jones Theme Song

Get ready to rock AND roll with the Ridley Jones theme song! Join Ridley Jones and friends as they explore the jungle, stop a stampede, and prove that nothing can stop them from saving the day!

I’m Ready

Ridley sings her solo song, “I’m Ready.” Telling all of the museum she’s ready to take on the challenge of protecting those who live there! She’s ready for her destiny!

Eyes of the Museum

The Eye Team sing together their powerful song about being the protectors of the museum. Everyone that lives there is safe from danger with the Eye Team on duty!

My Two Dads and Me

Ismat sings about being mummy royalty after she introduces her Eye Team pals to her family for the first time.

Rise Above

The Eye Team lifts Peaches spirits and courage with an out of this world song, letting her know that when friends have your back you will always reach new heights!

One Of A Kind

Birds of a feather flock together but in Dudley the Dodo’s case he’s the last of his species. In his solo song Dudley sings about being the very last Dodo left.

Royally Afraid

Ismat’s royal solo song is a queen’s delight when she shares that although she may be mummy royalty and should have no fears she does have one…the dark.

Ready for more adventure? Meet the Ridley Jones team and watch the Ridley Jones trailer!

You can follow Ridley Jones and the Eye team on their adventures now on Netflix.

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