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Meet Ridley Jones and Friends! #Playlist

Meet the Eye Team of Ridley Jones!

Adventure is around every corner of the museum and the Eye Team is here to introduce themselves and share their talents that make these friends a team!

Join us as we get to know our dream adventure team:

FIRST UP, meet Ridley Jones: Kid Hero of the Museum!

This adventurer is always ready to swing into action. As the protector of the museum it’s Ridley’s job to watch out for trouble! Ridley's fearless and will always come to the rescue no matter the odds, nothing gets in her way, when it comes to saving the day!

Ismat: Queen of Mummies & Fashion

Meet Mummy Queen Ismat! Fashion is her passion but keeping the museum safe is definitely her best look! Ismat may be royalty, but she’s the best mummy friend anyone could ask for.

Peaches: Monkey Astronaut with a Fear of Heights

Blast off with Peaches! First monkey astronaut in space and only monkey afraid of heights? Maybe, but she’s always looking out for her Eye Team pals as their eyes in the sky protector, nothing gets past this primate!

Fred: Brave Bisonic Bison with Good Hair

Awesome dance moves? Check. Tough as nails? Check. Can stop a stampede? Double check! That’s our brave bison Fred! What else can we say - they are bisonic! Oh, and they have great hair!

Dudley the Dodo Bird: Ridley's Flightless Friend

Meet the one, the only, Dodo bird Dudley! This unique Dodo may be the last of his kind but he’s the truest friend you’ll ever find. Dudley’s a dreamer and hopes to fly like an eagle - but this flightless friend needs to keep his feet on the ground, protecting the museum with his best bud Ridley Jones!

Dante: Dinosaur Skater Dude

Meet Dante, the dino-mite dude with a cool attitude! He’s a righteous dino who rules on a skateboard for super speedy rescues! Plus, you can’t meet Dante without also meeting Ralph, his dino size tail! Which seems to have a mind of its own?!

Squad goals, right?!

You can follow Ridley Jones and the Eye team on their adventures now on Netflix.

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