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Enjoy these Awesome Colouring Pages for Kids!

Want to add a little colour to your day? Well, we've got just the thing—check out these free printable colouring pages that are great fun for kids (and adults) featuring some of our favourite friends.

Grab your crayons, markers or colouring pencils and let's get started!

Let's Go Luna!

Looking for a little adventure? Take your crayons on a trip around the world with our pal Luna and her friends!

Colour Country Flags

Senor Fabuloso's Trailer Coluring Page 

Where Will They Go? Colouring Pages

And if you're in need of some online colouring fun, spend some time in Andy's Art Studio!

Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum

Ready to meet some heroes on your colouring journey? Take a historic trek with our pals Xavier, Yadina and Brad!

Xavier Riddle Colouring Sheet 1

Xavier Riddle Colouring Sheet 2

Xavier, Yadina, Brad, Berby, Dr. Zoom

Amelia Earhart, Cleopatra, George Washington Carver, Helen Keller, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Johann Sebastian Bach, Junko Tabei


How about some fangtastic colouring fun with Vee and her friends? You can print off the Vampirina colouring sheets below:

Vampirina Colouring Sheets

Demi Colouring Sheet

Vampirina Connect the Dots Activity Sheet

And if you haven't got a printer handy, don't worry you can still join in the fun with some online colouring:

Vampirina, Bat Vampirina, Gregoria and Bridget, Vampirina and Demi, Vampirina and Wolfie

Doc McStuffins

Ready to hit Doc's clinic and make some toy magic with those markers? Let the fun begin…

Doc McStuffins Colouring Sheet

Doc McStuffins School of Medicine Coloring Page

'The Doc Is In' Door Sign

And, of course, there's some online colouring available too:

Doc McStuffins

Wild Kratts

Wanna hang out with Martin, Chris and Aviva while you learn all about the natural world? You can print out these pages or colour them online!

Chris and Martin Kratt

Chris, Aviva and Martin

Martin Kratt and Caracal

Martin Kratt with Spot Swat Cheetah Cub

Aviva with Koala

Nella the Princess Knight

On a quest for even more colouring? You're in for a treat with these Nella the Princess Knight colouring pages:

Nella and Trinket Colouring Page 1

Nella and Trinket Colouring Page 2

Nella the Princess Knight

Nella and Friends

And, you can enjoy some online colouring for Nella too:

Nella the Princess Knight Online Colouring

And don't forget to share your artwork with us by tagging @brownbagfilms when you post online. We'd love to see them!


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