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Big Drive #StaffPick

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  • Posted by Eoghan.Lynch on July 22 2020

Looking for a short animation to watch, we've got you covered! Check out today's #StaffPick, “Big Drive”, an animated nostalgic summer trip down memory lane! This delightful short, commissioned by the National Film Board of Canada, was directed by Anita Lebeau.

This short animation film tells the story of a family road trip across the Canadian prairies set in the 1970s. In an era before in-car movies and video games, 4 sisters squeeze into the back of the family car for a long journey. While the parents keep a steady watch on the road ahead, restlessness gradually gives way to mayhem in the car’s close quarters. Just before the ride becomes unbearable, the sisters are inspired to combine their creative energy and the big drive becomes an even bigger adventure.


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