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Celebrating International Tiger Day with the Wild Kratts

July 29th marks International Tiger Day, and we wanted to take this opportunity to help youngsters learn about these beautiful but sadly critically endangered creatures and how we can do our part to help protect them. To do that, we're turning to our trusted experts in this field—the Wild Kratts!

Following the adventures of animated versions of real-life brothers Chris and Martin Kratt, in each episode of Wild Kratts we encounter wild animals during stories of adventure and mystery. And we've got a specially curated Wild Kratts playlist below to help, so hit PLAY and let's begin discovering!

FIERCE Mother Tigers

Chris and Martin learn how to move like a tiger by following this fierce mother tiger as she hunts. 

Rescuing Endangered Species

From cute pandas and lemurs to deadly tigers and charging black rhinos, discover which species are rare or endangered.

Temple of the Tigers

After Aviva successfully sneaks up on and surprises the creature adventuring Kratt Brothers, they worry that they’ve somehow lost their signature ‘creature sense’. Chris and Martin go off in search of the stealthiest, most powerful wildcat in the world – the tiger - on a quest to prove to themselves that they’re still in tune with the creature world.

Back in Creature Time - Tasmanian Tiger

After their encounter with the Dodo Bird, the Wild Kratts decide to try out Aviva’s Time Trampoline again. This time to visit with the extinct Tasmanian Tiger. But their trip doesn’t go as smoothly as they hoped.  Not only do they run into the ancestors of Donita and Dabio – who are trying to get rid of all the Tasmanian tigers -  but the Wild Kratts have to defeat Zach, who is hatching a plan to keep them trapped in the past forever!

Explore India!

From stealthy tigers to cobras and dog-like dholes, there's never a dull moment when exploring the beautiful wildlife of India with the Kratts!

The Dhole Duplicator

While visiting India, Martin and Chris go off on a creature adventure to explore the world of the Dhole – aka “The Red Dog”. With the help of Wild Kratt Kid Mala, they manage to find this elusive and endangered creature and working together with the pack, the Kratt Bros are able to defeat one very hungry tiger!

For more information on tigers and their conservation status, check out the WWF Species Directory: Tiger, Sunda Tiger.

Want to help protect our planet's endangered tigers? Here are some great resources to get you started:

WWF International Tiger Day Action

Fauna & Flora International Donation

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