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Celebrate International Friendship Day #Playlist

Happy International Friendship Day! This holiday, introduced by the UN in 2011, comes from the idea that “friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities.”

In order to help celebrate, we have put together a collection of some of our favourite friendship moments and songs. This playlist will help you remember just how important our friends truly are. 

Daniel Tiger

Join Daniel and Katerina as they sing a song about one of the most important thing friends can do: help each other!

Xavier Riddle

Something else that friends are awesome at is making us laugh. Yadina is always cracking jokes while on adventures with Xavier, Brad and Berby. 


When sisters Hornadette and Shriekia aren’t getting along, Vampirina organizes a friendship festival to remind them that it’s okay to be friends with people who are different!

Doc McStuffins

Meet all of the doc’s friends who help her run the clinic. Friends always help get the job done!

Ridley Jones

Ridley Jones and her friends are on a mission - they form a team called the Eyes of the Museum and work together to protect the magic of the museum. 

Let’s Go Luna

When Carmen and her new friend worry about losing touch, Luna sings a song to show that no matter how far apart you are, your friendship can stay strong!

For more info on International Friendship Day, check this out!

Miranda Madden

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