Children’s Media Conference 2019 Highlights #Recap

Last week, we attended the Children's Media Conference in Sheffield, UK, where we were treated to the many interesting panels throughout the jam-packed 3-day event! 

Sarah McQuire (Director of Operations - BBF UK) and Uma Krishnamurthy (Senior Producer) from our Manchester team had a fantastic time attending the “Fortnite-ly Phenomena: What Creates A Digital Craze?” session, which discussed the aspects of technology and digital content that can lead to crazes. The panel was moderated by 9 Story Media Group's Executive Chairman, Neil Court. 

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“I enjoyed hearing ‘what creates a craze’ and learning how brands use these crazes to promote exposure to their brands. It was also interesting to hear from a children’s psychologist how using crazes such as Fortnite can help with parent/child interaction and stimulate further conversation.”

- Sarah McQuire, Director of Operations - BBF UK

“It was fascinating to see the time and effort broadcasters and developers, invest in finding the latest trends and adapting their own content based on it.”

- Uma Krishnamurthy, Senior Producer

The report for this session can be found here

Our team also attended the much-anticipated “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” session, where producers pitched their ideas, Dragon's Den style, in hopes to impress the team of judges! 

“It was great to see a variety of pitches and I was very impressed with the standard of the pitch.”

- Sarah McQuire, Director of Operations - BBF UK

“One particular pitch based on a relatively new children’s book was very impressive. The pitch was amazing and the visuals were great. It was interesting seeing the different types of pitches and seeing what the panel was more drawn to.”

- Uma Krishnamurthy, Senior Producer

Read the full recap of the session here

In between panels, our teams took the time to relax and grab a drink before the next event. 

9 Story Media Group's Alex Wiseman, Senior VP, Distribution & Acquisitions, took part in the “Focus on Ireland” panel, which discussed what Ireland can offer and how the world-class Irish animation industry was created. You can view the full report on that session here.

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A big thank you to the Children's Media Conference for another fantastic event!

Until next year…

Lindsay Tohana

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