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Ask Us Anything #AMA

We're opening the doors every Thursday morning to try and answer all of your questions. Technical, fandom or otherwise - we'll do everything we can to answer.

Drop your question in the comments below - and we'll hop to it. (We're fielding Q's on Facebook, Twitter and G+ too, if that's easier!)

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First Question is from Claire Lewis:

I would love to know more about the method you use to find the next big cartoon - is it mostly via books?

We asked our Development Producer, Jennie Stacey, who came back with:

Ideas for new cartoons can come from anywhere - a book, a game, a piece of artwork, or an idea created by someone here in the studio. Sometimes we'll have a story idea but won't know what it looks like, so we decide to find out with some concept artwork. Sometimes it's the other way around when we have a great piece of artwork and have to build a story world around it. So there's no set method for finding the next big thing!

A snapshot of the Development Team at work, looking for great projects:

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Or next question is BIG. Trish Groves, via Facebook, asks:

What is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything? (Hey, it's worth a shot!)

Trish, we found the answer and shared it with this panda. His reaction was so huge this was all we could share with anyone else:

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Adrián Castro Viejo asks:

What you have to do to start working in Animation, CGI. And specifically at Brown Bag Films. Do you have Runners, Juniors?”

Adrián, we asked our HR Manager, Susan Cunningham, and one of our Technical Supervisors, Donnchadh Murphy, who came back with this advice:

There are lots of free software packages out there like the Student version of Maya or Blender or even sculptress (which is like Zbrush). It's good to experiment with what genre you like, put a showreel together and build a portfolio of work. We have lots of specific roles like character or set modellers, texture artists, riggers matte painters play to your strengths, if you find you love drawing characters, then maybe character modelling is your thing. If you find you love painting landscapes then maybe set modeller or matte painter is for you. Generalists are great but specializing in one part of it is perfectly acceptable, better to have a portfolio of only strong modelling rather then a mix of areas that are not so strong.

And yes - we do have vacancies for junior roles and all of our roles are advertised on the BBF site, Facebook, Twitter and other industry sites check 'em out.

Jess Campbell-Brown asked about the mysterious Gup-R from the Octonauts:

I'm afraid the special Gup R… must remain a mystery for the time. There'll be news on it soon! But we do have an awesome video of the new Gup Speeders!

Keep the questions coming!

Anahita Tabarsi

Anahita is Brown Bag Films' Marketing Director, Digital & Social and drinks more than five coffees a day...

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