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Broken Age #Review

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  • Posted by Megan McMahon on February 05 2014

I can't remember how long ago it was when Doublefine launched their very first Kickstarter campaign to fund a new point-and-click adventure game without publishers - but I DO remember they wanted to do it the DoubleFine way.

They also made the incredibly brave move of filming a 'Making-of' documentary at the same time, so whether it was a flop or a success we would see each agonising phase in all its glory. Truth be told I was in before the video had even begun, but I managed to hold myself together for the rest of their pitch and then proceeded immediately to become a backer.

The months of watching the beautifully produced documentary I have come to understand one very important thing – making computer games is hard! It also has a lot of parallels with making an animated show, I could relate (sometimes a little too well) to their struggles.

Finally playing Broken Age was almost a relief!

With all the build up I made the mistake of trying to get to the meat of the game as quickly as possible. It hurt my experience, once I had completed Broken Age I felt it was over far too quickly. It is a beautiful, well written game; something to be savoured. I took my own advice before writing a review and played it again.

This is one of Tim's best games, and the story secrets deserve to be kept for you to enjoy. What I do want to celebrate is game experience, that echoes Journey, but with point and click adventure puzzles. The artwork is stunning and the animation is gorgeous throughout, I really wasn't expecting it to look as amazing as it does. Combined with the music, it feels really immersive, that feeling of taking part in a film (like Journey.)

Something I LOVED, and recommend any player take advantage of, is the fact that you can switch between the two characters pretty much whenever you like. Both worlds are unique in design, palette and music, it's up to you to use the game the way you want. I took full advantage second time round and preferred it to completing out one character's story to the end before switching to the other.

The layout of every scene from a visual point of view was clear, but still busy and interesting. Apart from feeling too short, which isn't really a negative as such (leave them wanting more and all that), I did wish for a higher density of puzzle and maybe a few more difficult ones thrown in. I'm hoping that for act two this might be something that is in the plan, it has been hinted at!

I'm already excited for Broken Age: Act 2 and to see the conclusion to the stories!

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