Ariel #FanArt

This week's #FanArt comes to us from our uber-talented Toronto based Character Designer, Megan Leonard.

Megan's artwork is a tribute to the casting for the new live-action version of 'The Little Mermaid' starring Halle Bailey!

Megan: I truly believe that Halle Bailey will make the most amazing Ariel! I was inspired to add my contribution to the beautiful fan art many other artists have produced of Halle in character following some ignorant discussions online. I just wanted to join in celebrating this direction because simply put, Halle is gonna crush it. Wait and sea!

'Ariel' by Toronto based Character Designer, Megan Leonard!
'Ariel' by Toronto based Character Designer, Megan Leonard!

I drew Halle as Ariel using Procreate on my iPad Pro. I sketched the initial rough using the 6B Pencil and cleaned up the linework using the Technical Ink Pen.

Next, I painted using the Nikki Rull paint tool and refined final details with the 6B Pencil, Technical Ink Pen and Bonobo Chalk tools.

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