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Animation Magazine: Brown Bag Films Turns 25 #Article

Check out the lovely article by Ramin Zahed celebrating Brown Bag Films 25th anniversary in the MIPCOM issue of Animation Magazine, featuring our very own Brown Bag Films founders Cathal Gaffney and Darragh O'Connell - Brown Bag Films Turns 25!

The article looks back at some of Cathal and Darragh's highlights over the last 25 years, the origins of the studio and their advice for others looking to break the industry.

“The fact that we have been in business the past 25 years is something that we are quite proud of,” adds Gaffney. “You know, we get to make great animation and all of our projects are something that I take great pride in. Getting to work in a career as exciting and fulfilling as animation is something that I’m very, very pleased to do every day.”

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