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Superbad #FanArt

Superbad? We don't think so! This week's #FanArt comes from our Manchester studio Background Artist, James Chapman, who captures the vibe of the hit movie with his lively illustration.

James: Superbad is a great film, and the overall feeling of friendship, especially the way they're dealing with change that comes about in the end, is very sweet and honest. I was on the hunt for recommendations for what to draw and this one was such a good suggestion to rewatch.

I do these pieces on the tram to work mostly, usually a little sketch to set the composition before I set off, then I block in all the main colours on the journey (a bit bumpy, but these Posca pens are very opaque so I can fix any mistakes by going over with a new colour). Then I can add all the little details over my lunch-break or when I get home. The Posca pens give the drawings a real vibrancy, that I'm not sure comes across in photos, but they're a really fun medium to use.


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