Art Jam: Toronto & Manchester Edition

Each month, across all our Brown Bag Films locations, our Creative Councils organize a monthly Art Jam, with the aim of inspiring creativity, and stirring up a little friendly competition.

Today we are sharing the results from both our Toronto and Manchester, September Art Jams.

Up first, our Toronto studio did a deep dive into all things “Outer Space”. From space cats to starry nights, our team shared some truly inspiring out-of-this-world artwork.

Our grand prize winner this round was layout supervisor David Pietila, who created a psychedelic piece, entitled “Kosmic Kirby Kat.”

“In this piece I was exploring Jack Kirby's cosmic comic book style using marker on art board. I dropped it into Photoshop and touched it up, added colour based on Kirby's psychedelic black light posters from the 70's.”

David Pietila, layout supervisor, Brown Bag Films Toronto

First runner up was background artist, Fraeya Pinto for her work exploring the first cat in space, “Felicette.”

“My piece is inspired by Felicette; the first cat in space! She was part of the French space program, and is the only cat to have survived space flight.

I started the piece in gouache and finished it off with photoshop.”

Fraeya Pinto, background artist, Brown Bag Films Toronto

And our second runner up was awarded to character designer, Kaitlyn Seow for “Returning Home”

“I wanted to celebrate the Chinese mid-autumn moon festival that took place on September 13th this year! There's a legend about the moon goddess who wants to be reunited with her archer husband so I re-interpreted it to give her an archer wife and a happy ending where they get to live on the moon together with their moon rabbit helpers!

I use Photoshop CS6 for all my digital artwork but used some of the Xavier production paint brushes to give my piece a bit more texture this time around.”

Kaitlyn Seow, character designer, Brown Bag Films Toronto

Check out all the outer space inspired work submitted by our Toronto artists below.

/images/labs/SPACE_CORY_BOBIAK_-_Cory_Bobiak.jpg /images/labs/Samantha_Skinner_092019_-_Samantha_Skinner.jpg /images/labs/Rafeal_Alvarez_092019.jpg /images/labs/Museum_of_Cosmonautics_-_Natasha_Sasic.jpg /images/labs/CHLOE_WONG_092019_-_Chloe_Wong.jpg /images/labs/ArtJam_RobertPettigrew_SPACEspace.jpg /images/labs/2019-10-15_15_24_52-Photos.png /images/labs/2019-10-15_15_26_10-Photos.png /images/labs/2019-10-15_15_25_41-Photos.png /images/labs/2019-10-15_15_22_45-Photos.png /images/labs/2019-10-15_15_23_59-Photos.png /images/labs/2019-10-15_15_24_28-Photos.png /images/labs/2019-10-15_15_25_18-Photos.png /images/labs/2019-10-15_15_21_58-Photos.png /images/labs/2019-10-15_15_23_30-Photos.png

Our Manchester Art Jam challenge for September was to create art inspired by Greek Mythology. Greek Mythology refers to the myths told by the ancient Greeks, they often depict Gods, heroes and mythical creatures.

The Manchester Creative Council was presented with some truly incredibly creative pictorial representations from their studio artists.

This month's winner was compositor Sami Ling with her sketch of Saturn Devouring His Son.

Saturn Devouring His Sun by Compositor Sami Ling
Saturn Devouring His Sun by Compositor Sami Ling

“Saturn devouring his son is a popular subject depicted in classical art by many famous artists. The story is about the Titan Cronus who feared he would be overthrown by one of his children and so ate each one at birth, one survived and made him throw up his older siblings who became Gods (and the name of our planets) and then locked up the Titans creating order as we know it.

Despite the tight and detailed paintings done during the classical era this subject is usually depicted more expressively. I did my version using charcoal, pastel and white paint.”

- Sami Ling, compositor, Brown Bag Films Manchester

/images/labs/ArtJam_GreekMythology_Eco_Nymph_Lisa_Haywood.png Echo Nymph by Lisa Haywood /images/labs/ArtJam_GreekMythology_Good_Boy_Chloe_Peters.png Good Boy by 2D Animator Chloe Peters /images/labs/ArtJam_GreekMythology_Saturn_Sami_Ling.png Saturn Devouring His Sun by Compositor Sami Ling

Sami won some fantastic prizes including The Art of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, a watercolour travel journal and some Winsor and Newton ProMarkers.

Congrats to all our September Art Jam artists. Another month of amazing work. Watch this space for next month's Art Jam winners.

Want to check out more of our studio artists' work? Take a peek at our weekly InkTober roundups, HERE and HERE.

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