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3 Fab-boo-lous Halloween Costume Party Themes, Inspired by Our Shows!

With the Halloween season in full swing, it’s time to start planning amazing get togethers to be had with our family and friends. 

Throwing a Halloween party can be a ton of fun but adding a theme can make it even better. It’s becoming more and more popular to throw themed parties, with guests dressing in costumes that fit the theme so everybody matches. 

If you’re looking to throw a themed Halloween party, you’re in the right place! We have three themed party ideas to share below, all based on some of our favorite Brown Bag Films shows and perfect for any kind of party, at every age.

Ready to read all about them? Let‘s dive in! 

Karma’s Musician Get Together

Whether she’s in the studio, blasting Romeo Jones, or writing her own lyrics, Karma from Karma’s World is all about the music. If you’re a music lover just like her, why not host a themed party that celebrates your favorite musicians?

A musician themed party will see your guests dressed up as their favorite musical artist. It’s a great way to have everyone in cool costumes, and a great way to see the artists on your friends' playlists. You can even dress as Karma herself and sing along to her amazing tunes!

The Wild Kratts Creature Party

The Kratt brothers from Wild Kratts are always travelling the world, encountering different kinds of creatures and trying out their creature features themselves. 

Animal lovers like the Kratt brothers will love hosting an animal themed costume party, with everyone dressing up as their favorite animals! From the sea to the sky there are tons of different creatures out there that you and your guests can dress up as. It’ll be one wild gathering! 

Celebrate Good Neighbors with Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is a show that celebrates good neighbors, and all the amazing people that make up a neighborhood! Everyone, from the trolley driver to the schoolteacher, does their part to support their community. To celebrate the good neighbors in your own life, you can throw a neighbor-themed party inspired by Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

With a neighbor themed costume party, you can request all your guests dress as their favorite neighborhood helper. The opportunities are endless, as there are many different roles in a community. You could dress as a firefighter, a chef, a mail carrier, or even a librarian!  Then, you can share what makes the neighborhood helper you chose to dress up as such a great choice with all the other partygoers. It’ll be grrr-iffic! 

Are you planning to use any of these party themes? If so let us know by tagging us on social media! You can tag @brownbagfilms on Instagram and/or @BrownBagFilms on Twitter to show us your amazing costumes.

Until then, have a safe and happy Halloween!

Miranda Madden

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