StoryBots: Answer Time
TV Series


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Got a question? The StoryBots have an answer! Join curious friends Beep, Boop, Bing, Bang and Bo on fun adventures to find facts for real kids like you.

The StoryBots, named Beep, Boop, Bing, Bang and Bo, are a series of colorful robot characters created by Evan and Gregg Spiridellis. This lovable cast of robots have appeared in multiple StoryBots Netflix series, including Ask the StoryBotsStoryBots Super Songs, and A StoryBots Christmas

StoryBots: Answer Time is the latest StoryBots series, which sees these robots coming back to answer intriguing questions while delivering plenty of laughs along the way. Questions like “Why do people get dizzy?” and “How do lasers work?” will be answered with fun bite-size explanations, enjoyable for kids and grown-ups alike. The series features celebrity cameos including Anne Hathaway, Danny DeVito, Sophie Turner, Judy Greer, Jeff Gill and Nate Theis. 

StoryBots: Answer Time features some incredible work from Brown Bag Films' Toronto studio. The team worked on much of the animation for the main story of each episode, handling production assets, rigging, scene planning, and FX & comp work. 

Created by: Evan Spiridellis, Gregg Spiridellis
Directed by: Edlyn Capulong, Evan Spiridellis, Kendall Nelson
Executive Producers: Evan Spiridellis, Gregg Spiridellis
Supervising Producers: 
Producer: Jason Wyatt
Art Direction: Kendall Nelson
Head of Story: Nate Theis 
Educational Consultant: Nina Neulight, Ph.D.

Animation Services Provided by Brown Bag Films:
Director of Production: Martin Sal
Producer: Eric Gomes
Production Manager: Dylan Green
Director: Sean Calligan
Animation Director: Mitch Deslippe
Animation Supervisor: Joe McCauley
FX Supervisor: Justine Howard
Compositing Supervisor: Jordan Veneracion
2D Rigging Technical Director: Daryl Permejo
Rigging Supervisor: Chloe Wong
Sceneplan Artist: Vanessa Del Priore
Design Supervisor: Joseph Troy
Editor: Jake VanVolkingburgh

Duration: 22 x 23 min.
Year of Production: 2022