I’m An Animal
TV Series

I’m an Animal is a colourfully animated preschool series featuring short, funny interviews with animals in their natural habitat. The animals reveal helpful facts and information, while the intrepid camera crew try to deal with their big egos, short-tempers, and zany attitudes.

Targeted at children aged 3-6, this 52 x 2min series was produced by Brown Bag Films for RTÉ and the Irish Film Board, and has been distributed to over 160 countries worldwide.

Produced by Cathal Gaffney
Directed by Darragh O’Connell
Script by Lina O’Connell and Gerald Murphy
Art Design by Nicky Phelan
Voices by Morgan Jones, Roger Gregg and Aileen Mythen
Music by Darren Hendley
Edited by Seamus O’Toole
Duration: 52 x 2 min
Year of Production: 2006
Commissioned by: RTE & Irish Film Board