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Grabby Bag
TV Series


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"I wonder what we'll play today?" asks Grabby, a lovable little alien who has come to Earth to have fun with his friends and learn the Irish language along the way.

Grabby loves playing in the rain, playing music, going on imaginary space journeys and bringing his favourite teddy to toy picnics. Every day is a new and exciting adventure when you have Grabby as your best friend!

This computer animated pre-school series was created and directed by David McCamley for RTÉ with the support of the BCI and was developed with the support of the Irish Film Board and MEDIA.

Created and Directed by David McCamley
Executive Producers: Cathal Gaffney, David McCamley, Darragh O’Connell
Series Title: Grabby Bag
Duration: 12 x 5 min
Year of Production:  2007
Commissioned by: RTE & BCI, with support from the Irish Film Board & MEDIA