Get Rolling with Otis
TV Series


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Get Rolling with Otis, based on Loren Long’s bestselling book series, is an 11-minute CGI-animated preschool series about Otis, a kind, adventurous tractor who is so empathetic that his heart literally glows when he rolls into action to help his animal and vehicle friends – like Polly Pup, Daisy the calf, Sal the rooster, Celeste the pig, Louie the sheep, Kevin the pickup truck, Elaine the delivery truck, and Rusty the tractor - on Long Hill Dairy Farm.

Otis models this Compassionate Action behavior in every episode, helping preschoolers to become upstanders in their communities.

The series launched on Apple TV on October 8.


Developed for Television by: Wendy Harris, Rachel Kalban, Jennie Stacey

Series Director: Declan Doyle

Art Director: Phil McDarby

Series Producers:  Michael Pecoriello, Méabh Tammemägi 

Executive Producers: Vince Commisso, Wendy Harris, Loren Long, Darragh O'Connell, Angela C. Santomero, Jane Startz

Music by: Adrian Galvin & Ariel Loh

Year of Production: 2021