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Ding Dong Denny’s History of Ireland
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A tourist walks into a Dublin pub looking for directions and encounters Ding Dong Denny O'Reilly at the bar. Ding Dong insists on telling him the "real" history of Ireland over a number of pints. From the Normans to the Famine to 1916 and the sex shops of O'Connell Street, we hear Ding Dong Denny's delusional take of events that shaped our nation. Ding Dong is a comic creation of comedian Paul Woodful, and is his first adventure into animation.

Winner Best Digital Film Digital Media Awards 2008, Winner Grand Prix Award, Digital Media Awards 2008. 

Produced by Brian Gilmore
Directed by Cathal Gaffney
Written and narrated by Paul Woodful
Duration: 5 min
Year of Production: 2006-2007
Commissioned by: Frameworks - IFB, RTE, The Arts Council