Zelda Fan Art

Artists in the studio have been a little obsessed with the latest Zelda game, Breath of the Wild! So much so in fact, that we’ve got some of their fan art to share! Check out their work below:

Storyboard Revisionist Isabella von Metzradt:

/images/labs/Zelda_Fan_Art_-_Zelda_by_Isabella_von_Metzradt_04.jpg /images/labs/Zelda_Fan_Art_-_Mipha_by_Isabella_von_Metzradt_01.jpg /images/labs/Zelda_Fan_Art_-_Sidon_by_Isabella_von_Metzradt_02.jpg /images/labs/Zelda_Fan_Art_-_Zelda_by_Isabella_von_Metzradt_03.jpg

2D Designer Kasia Brzezinska:

/images/labs/Zelda_Fan_Art_-_Kasia_Brzezinska_02.jpg /images/labs/Zelda_Fan_Art_-_Sidon_Prince_by_Kasia_Brzezinska_01.jpg

Character Design Artist Matthew Brooke:

Art Director Andrew Hamilton:

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