Mrs Le Vell #Sketch

Today's sketch 'Mrs Le Vell' is a character concept by Storyboard Revisionist Danny Shiels!

Danny: This character design was created during an 8 week online course with CG Master Academy. My tutor was a guy called Nate Wragg who has worked on Toy Story 3 and is currently with Dream Works. The course was called Character Design for Production.

It was a great course and the best thing I learned from it was to trust in the process, so take your time when designing a character and really figure out who they are and what makes them tick!

Check out some more drawings of Mrs Le Vell below:

/images/labs/Mrs_Le_Vell_-_02.jpg /images/labs/Mrs_Le_Vell_-_03.jpg /images/labs/Mrs_Le_Vell_-_04.jpg /images/labs/Mrs_Le_Vell_-_05.jpg /images/labs/Mrs_Le_Vell_-_06.jpg

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